Luopuako kahvista ja mitä tilalle? – If I would give up The Morning Coffee, is there anything even near as rewarding to replace it with?

The morning coffee or any of the coffees and giving it up. That has been really one of the hardest to let go for my customers. And I soooo can feel for them. Like they often tell me, it is not only the taste, but it really is my only time of the day that is just for me.  So I started to figure out what is happening there and what or which could be the alternatives? Which things or tastes could give you the same kicks as coffee? Or is it so that we need to give up the idea of kicks?

I mean you do not need to give up on coffee, if you feel it does only good for you. For me coffee means, simply put, disaster. It smells heavenly, but makes me even more ”on the go” than I am in my natural vata being. Also after a while I feel like I have a void inside of me. Not a nice feeling at all. So, there has grown a curiosity in me for other delights.

During the past years I have experimented with different kinds of morning drinks or foodie thingys. At the moment me and my husband simply drink a squeeze of organic lemon juice with water before meditation. Helps me to release immediately. And no bad nerves afterwards.

During the dark season I love something more juicy and rich so then I turn to date-black pepper-ginger-goodies. This means I pick 5 juicy dates, unstone them and make a paste with a fork. Add a pinch of grated ginger and a pinch of black pepper. Enjoyable for example together with Warming Chai especially for Vata and Kapha Types. Totally rewarding!

Here is a Recipe for Warming Chai for 4 persons:
1/2 l of water
1/2 l of milk (i love thick and organic cow milk. You can also use almond milk, rice milk, goat milk..all have their specific tastes and values)
In the mortar:
4 cloves
10 buds of cardamon
1 cinnamon stick
2 black peppers
2 cm piece of ginger
(Black tea and brown sugar if wanted)

Boil the water. Meanwhile grind the spices in the mortar. Ginger is easiest to peel with a teaspoon. You won’t lose much else than the peel. Grind ginger separately. Add the spices in the water. Boil and let simmer for 5 minutes. Add milk. Let boil again 2 minutes. Add black tea if you wish and some brown sugar. This warming drink is no doubt as rewarding as coffee and so much more!

If a mortar and the whole ritual of making your own chai sounds like too much trouble and too much time wasted you can of course either make ready your own mixture of chai spices – yes, make it your own, experiment with it! – to be ready for you for mornings or you can buy ready-made chai mixture (for example Yogi Teas have lots of different chai mixtures to choose from) and make it quickly and bottle it to be taken with you.

And if you still – difficult to believe, though possible – want to keep on drinking coffee try the following: add one pod of cardamom – opened and grinded in a mortar – a pinch of salt, brown sugar and green tea each to your coffee while making it. I assure you both the taste and the feeling after will be worth trying!




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