Containers of Love – Rawbars for snacks

My husband has a habit of preparing sandwiches and raw veggies for our girls to take with them for after school snacks. Every morning. So with our little one, Odelia, an 8-year old who loves to cook, we thought of giving him a hand. That is what came out. These little Containers of Love are perfect pieces of oily nuts that calm the autumn vatas and date paste that gives sweet taste for the Tridosha. We added some cocoa nibs for bitter taste and blueberries for extra juiciness. Cocoa nibs and blueberries make them more balancing for pittas as well if eaten in moderation.

We used (These are rough estimations, since honestly we just took this and that and felt the amounts in the hands!):

500g date paste
100g of almonds
100g of walnuts
40g of cocoa nibs
100g of blue berries

Crush the nuts in a mortar. Mix everything together with your hands. Gives them beautiful oily massage as an extra! Spread the paste to a baking sheet. Cut into favored pieces. Wrap the Sweet Bites in a foil or a baking sheet. Here you can use your artistic vision to its best. Enjoy!


Stock your loved ones with pieces of sweetness for the day. Sweetness will always come back to you in such beautiful ways!


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